The Libertarian Party is committed to America’s heritage of freedom:, individual liberty and personal responsibility, a free-market economy of abundance and prosperity, a foreign policy of non-intervention, peace and free trade.

March Update
This monthly newsletter will recap the monthly meeting and spread awareness on important topics. 
Run for Office
Let us know if you are interested in running for office! 
We are especially looking for someone to run in a cross county district. For Monroe County, that would be the NEW Assembly seats of 130, 133, and 139. Senate seat 62, west side of Monroe County and on westward. Finally, Congress seat 25 is now Monroe County and Ontario to Canandaigua. Anyone interested can contact our Chair, Dr. Becker, or Mark Glogowski.
Larry Sharpe for NYS Governor

Choose Larry Sharpe for #aNewNY
Petitioning for Larry Sharpe, Andrew Hollister and the state wide candidates, begins on April 19th. We’ll need to get 60 thousand signatures in six weeks. Click here to learn more about Larry Sharpe.
MCLP Petitioning
We are in search of a volunteer to fill the role of Petition Coordinator. Anyone interested can contact our Chair, Dr. Becker.
NYLP State Committee / National LP Report
We need 135 signatures on the petition for NYLP state committee candidates. Reach out to our Chair, Dr. Becker, if you are interested in signing the petition or keep an eye out for the upcoming social meeting. The deadline for this petition is mid-April.
– 43 delegates were approved along with 40 alternates for the National Convention located in Reno this May. 
Anti-Mandate Rallies
Location Information
Strong Memorial Hospital 601 Elmwood Ave, Rochester, NY 14642: Every Monday from 3-5pm
Wegmans 3177 Latta Rd, Rochester, NY 14612: Every Saturday from 12-2pm
General Information
Look for information about the MCLP social meetings on our Facebook pageand the website events calendar. If you have a location recommendation for one of the social gatherings, contact our Chair, Dr. Becker
The treasurers report update is disclosed during the MCLP Committee meetings, held every month, on the first Thursday of the month. Join the virtual meeting by using the Free Conference Call app.
NYS Voting InformationChange your voter designation or register to vote here.
Steven Becker : Chair
Jack Terran : Vice-Chair & Treasurer
Barbara Toal : Secretary